Learn how I went from life as a preschool teacher with debt to running 7-figure brands that I absolutely love! 

 Let me know if you can relate to my financial story?.. 

As a hardworking woman, who
has Done all things "Right" with your finances, Are You FINANCIALLY SAVVY, INDEPENDENT & wHOLE?

As a hardworking woman, who have Done all things right in your life, ARE YOU FINANCIALLY SASSY, INDEPENDENT & FREE?

 I know I wasn’t Until I decided to make A change… 

A little over 10 years ago, I had probably done everything the Right” way or what I called, the financially “PERFECT” way.
  • I did what my parents told me to do...
  • I had a great credit score…
  • I had money saved in the bank…
  • I had a house...
  • I was feeling good about life, so I decided to take my finances into my own hands...

 Huge Mistake 

Because...that’s when I became the victim of a scam that left me $35,000 in debt!

Having been scammed because I was financially naive in some areas; I realized that I was NOT making the best financial decisions for my life…

To make matters worse...the recession hit and it magnified all of the BAD financial decisions that I'd been making…

Due to these the end of the recession; I was $300k in debt from my home, the scam, and my student loans…

To add a cherry on top of all this chaos...I got laid off from my teaching job and I had to go back to living with my parents at the age of 30!

These bad financial decisions and the recession had hit me so badly - but it didn't break me (bent but not broken) actually made me think...


And just like that...the answer hit me! I had made a terrible mistake; not acknowledging, that there was more to money than my personal vision of the PERFECT” financial way. And so; I took my personal financial knowledge and started working with other financial experts, many who can be found inside of the Live Richer Academy, to help me with the financial areas that were outside of my specialty...together we worked on...
  • The in's and out's of my finances...
  • Creating a plan on how to eliminate debt fast while building a better future...
  • Correcting my money mindset...
  • And how to really make my money work for me!

 After successfully clawing my way out of My Financial hole, i did not stop there… 

As a teacher; I knew that I had to share what I learned with others, at first, I shared this information with friends and family who came to me asking HOW did I become financially whole?? They asked me for the best practices and a financial plan to get to where I am.

As a "if you know a thing you should share a thing" believer...I shared all of my new found financial knowledge with my friends and family; who soon began to refer their friends and family to me, for personal financial education emails, Facebook Messenger alerts, and DM’s started blowing up!!

And I started to realize; that the journey to become financially whole, wasn’t just a problem that started or stopped with ME...there are many people facing the financial challenges that I had to learn to overcome!

With that realization..."The Budgetnista" was born and I went on a mission to do what I do best. . . to teach, to empower, and to help women BE FINANCIALLY SAVVY, INDEPENDENT and WHOLE!

And to make sure that I could share all of this "Financial Goodness" with the masses...I created the Live Richer Academy.

And Before I Knew It...It’s almost 10 Years Later, I’m DEBT FREE, And I Have Multiple 7 Figure Brands And Businesses!

 So what is Live Richer Academy? 

The Live Richer Academy is an online financial course platform...created specifically for people like you and me...who are ready to make a change in their finances and their lives!

If you are looking to...

  • Create a budget that works for you
  • Get rid of that mountain of debt (from your student loans, housing, etc...)
  • Start saving to create your Emergency Fund or to purchase that Big Ticket item
  • Learn ways to increase your credit score
  • Discover how to create multiple streams of income
  • Build a better financial future
  • Make your money work for you
  •  Build and create personal and generational wealth

Then this is for you! The Live Richer Academy is here to help you take control of your financial life and assist you with creating the life of your dreams!

In the Live Richer Academy you will get... 

 Knowledge: Financial courses full of access to financial teachings that will assist you with strengthening your mindset and financial foundation.
 Access: Get Access to TOP Experts in the spaces of mindset, personal finance, and learning to earn (additional streams of income); true financial experts that have helped to bring me to where I am today.
 Community: With over 42,000 like minded people, it is time to normalize the journey and seek empowerment from the Academy's Dream Builder community; a community that will assist you with financial accountability, and inspire you to keep moving forward.
The Live Richer Academy is an one of a kind program that helps women to grow financially independent. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or have been in the workforce for decades, our experts will help you get on track to reach your goals!
 So…Are you someone who is ready to take control of your financial future?
If so, then the Live Richer Academy is perfect for you! We are here to help people just like you get access to top tier experts in areas such as Money Mindset, Budgeting, Digging Out Of Debt, Increasing Your Credit Score, Side Hustles and Many More...The Live Richer Academy also offers access to an exclusive community where we can share our experiences and support each other along the way!
By registering with us right now! Instead of spending 10s of thousands of dollars and figuring it out on your own, why not join us today and gain access to NOT one but ALL of our amazing financial experts to get your finances where you want to be. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join us today at 40% OFF!
It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or have been “attempting financial perfection” for decades, our experts have the knowledge to you get on track to reach your financial goals. Click the Button below and join the Live Richer Academy!
The recession hit me bad - and I vowed to never let that be my struggle again. 

I was $300k in debt, just laid off from my teaching job, and living with my parents at the age of 30. The perfect recipe for disaster. 

But I figured it out. . . I started to really understand the in's and out's of my finances and how to really make my money work for me! 

Before I knew it, my debt was eliminated, AND I had begun a 7-figure business. 

After successfully clawing my way out of that hole, I went on a mission. . . 

I went on a mission to do what I do best. . . teach. 

Have you recently found yourself thinking about how to achieve financial freedom? Have you been stressed about finances? Worried about the future of your household? 

That was me. Girl, I've been there - spending countless hours on the internet listening to videos and podcasts. And being left with nothing but debt, grey hairs and no game plan. 

I'm here to tell you, financial freedom is NOT complicated. It's simple. Beyond that, it's achievable for ALL of us. 

No matter if you've been laid off, you're living off an underpaid  educator's salary, or you're a doctor making millions . . . we all have the opportunity to be financially free. 

Because financial freedom is not based on your income. . . 

Now, I know you're thinking - "Tiffany, it's impossible to achieve financial freedom if I'm not making a lot of money" 

But I'm telling you - money management is so much more important than making the money. 

There are 3 key factors that influence financial freedom - Knowledge, Access, and Community. 

And all 3 of these things are what went into building the foundations of the Live Richer Academy!  

Your Live Richer Academy Membership

More “YouTube Academy” is not the answer! I’ve cracked the code and can finally offer you a clear and simple 12-step financial plan to walk you step by step to becoming Financially Whole! 
  • I've taken the 10 steps from my New York Times Bestselling book, Get Good with Money, and added 2 bonus steps, to create a simple 12 step plan. I recruited some of the same experts that I tapped into for Get Good with Money; and asked them to take their specialty step, and turn it into an Academy course designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be!
  • There's HELP for every type of student learner: live sessions, pre-recorded classes, easy tasks, worksheets and more!
  • The Academy's best feature is its Amazing customer support team, who I call the “Unicorn Squad” for program and technical guidance!
  • 42.7K+ new friends to cheer you along your journey!
  • Exclusive goodies found only inside the Academy!
  • Have a course suggestion??...We welcome your suggestions!

This isn't your average financial literacy course...

The Live Richer Academy takes a holistic approach,  addressing the following 4 phases of your financial wholeness journey...

1- Fix The Foundation

2-Create More Streams of Income

3-Make Your Money Work for You 

4- Build a Better Future

And more...

Please Note: The Live Richer Academy coursework can be worked on at your own pace and we’ll always have something new to offer you no matter what financial stage you’re in right now. This isn’t a’s a journey!

Join Over 27K Other Members Just Like You...

"I can honestly say, if I did not make that decision 5 years ago to learn how to manage my money, I would not have gotten out of that toxic situation that I was goal was to save $5,000 and I doubled that goal!"

Melissa Pena

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Melissa Pena
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Jeanette Slim
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"Live Richer academy has helped me become independent, take care of my family, and to dream big, not just settle. I was able to do things I never thought I'd be able to do... I paid a lot of debt, I created a t-shirt business for my son..."

Jeanette Slim

"We needed to increase our credit and provide a home for our under a year; my credit score increased by 200 points, and purchased our first home!"

Jasmine Marshall

I have no words that could come close to the way I feel about Tiffany and this platform she created! Never did I expect my whole life to be changed! Now I understand the name: dream catchers/dream builders. I am finally excited and inspired by all of you to get my life together. At 50. (ish lol) I finally see it’s possible! Thank you so much Tiffany for stepping in God’s plan for you to bring me to where I need to be.
Since I became a Dreambuilder, I paid off two credit accounts, lowered my credit usage from 40% to below 10%, and thus increasing my credit score by about 60 points. I did save a lot of money some of which I was going to use as a down payment but because my credit was so good, I received a favorable rate from my credit union for no money down. I used the pre-approval from the bank to walk into the car dealerships. They worked with me to fit my budget and get exactly the car I wanted.
I learned that many women, especially Black women/women of color, we are taught that deprivation, suffering, and martyrdom is a good quality, a sign of strength, which makes us a better person for being able to do without or do with less. This is false. Great lesson, right on time, and it's just another example of why LRA is soooo necessary, valuable, and important for our community. I'm so grateful to be here.
At 26 years old, I would have never thought I'd be so into finances or even thinking about my future so hard. Well, really everyday!! I've paid my credit card down earlier than I ever intended to. I'm also in the Live Richer Academy (woot woot) and that's an amazing experience by far! I've learned so much stuff being apart of that. Everyday, I'm blooming into the woman I dream to be and I thank u from the bottom of my heart.
I just wanted to send a big "THANK YOU!" to Elle Jay (Live Richer Academy Resume Genius) for her help with my resume. Prior to your consultation, I did not receive any responses for months... Today, I can say that I have been receiving responses and requests to discuss the positions further. This is a BIG step towards my job hunt. Just wanted you to know that you were on point and I appreciate you!!!
Since taking the small business intensive with the amazing Sandy Smith, I have been on my grind getting my brand together. My website is almost done. I'm launching my first of 3 Unapologetically Me t-shirts to go with my book Unapologetically Me. The shirt launches tomorrow and now that I'm a certified life coach I've decided to focus my coaching to work with aspiring authors. My LLC paperwork is in the works as well. I'm getting close to being a business owner and I owe it all to you dream builders and Tiffany O. Aliche.

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Meet Some of Your Financial Experts


Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche is America's favorite personal financial educator! A New York Times Bestseller (Get Good with Money), an NAACP Image Award Nominee, and the first Black woman to grace the cover of Money Magazine (solo). Tiffany is a trailblazer in the personal finance space. Her monumental ‘Live Richer Movement’ has helped over one million women worldwide save, manage, and pay off hundreds of millions of dollars.
She regularly appears as a financial expert on The Real daytime talk show and co-hosts a top-ranked financial podcast, Brown Ambition. Tiffany also co-founded an online school, the Live Richer Academy, which teaches women worldwide how to take their finances to the next level and achieve their personal goals.
A former teacher for ten years, with a Master's degree in Education, in 2019, Tiffany partnered with New Jersey Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight to write a bill that was later signed into law (A1414, The Budgetnista Law), which mandated financial education to be integrated into all middle schools in New Jersey.

Tiffany has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fast Company, Reader's Digest, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Forbes, Redbook, Black Enterprise, and U.S. News & World Report and has been on the Today show, Good Morning America, CNN, OWN and CBS. 

Toni Moore

Toni Moore is one of eight girls who dreamt of living beyond the shadow of her possibility. From her traumatized child, Toni pushed herself to play a bigger game in life and business. From taking a leap of faith to attend the University of Pennsylvania as a first-generation college student, Toni navigated blindly in an effort to live the life she dreamed and desired. When Toni reached a certain level of professional success after law school, she began showing up on television to discuss legal matters and in board rooms to assist her celebrity clients.
Throughout Toni's 20 plus years serving as an attorney, adjunct professor, and business strategist, she has assisted her clients with business structuring, real estate security, asset protection, and estate planning. For more than 15 years, Toni has created companies, restructured companies, developed and assessed Corporate Compliance Plans to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Prior to her switch in career focus, Toni served as a bankruptcy and divorce attorney who assisted her clients with Mortgage Foreclosures and financial rehabilitation plans. Toni is a dreamer whose biggest motivation is doing whatever it takes to empower women to appreciate their power and potential to live wealthier ever after by playing big in business.

Sandy Smith

Sandy is a Certified Financial Educator who believes that everyone should have a side hustle to supplement their income. She came to this realization after paying off a $50,000 debt in less than two years while she was unemployed and working as a temp. Most of the money came from her various side hustles. She has done everything from being a virtual assistant to selling Beanie Babies and sneakers and now she’s teaching others how to launch their own side hustles. With over 20 years of selling products online including her own e commerce sites, eBay and Amazon, she has focused her efforts on teaching others how to launch their own small business on Amazon through her Starting Your Amazon Side Hustle class. She is also a Senior Certified HR Professional, so she’s used to dealing with people; has a Bachelors in Science from St. John’s University and an M.B.A. in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Devry University. You can visit her on her website,, and find her everywhere on all social media channels as “yesiamcheap”.

Kevin L. Matthews

is a licensed financial advisor, author, and speaker. In 2010, Kevin founded BuildingBread to inspire others to set, simplify and achieve any financial goal. He is the author of Brick Theory, a handbook for young adults about the basics of financial literacy. His second book, Starting Point: How To Create Wealth That Lasts, has been selected as the personal finance textbook for multiple high schools throughout the country. He has been featured in several media publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, LearnVest, and NerdWallet. In 2017, he was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors by Investopedia. Kevin currently manages more than $140 million in assets, serving hundreds of clients across the New York City area and beyond.

Kara Stevens

Kara Stevens is founder of The Frugal Feminista, a thriving personal finance and personal development company committed to helping women heal their relationship with money and themselves. She wants all women to be happy, wealthy, and brave so they can unapologetically live life on their own terms. Her relatable financial advice has been featured on/in Business Insider, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, ESSENCE, Women’s Day Magazine, Bitch Magazine, The Washington Post, and other nationally recognized media outlets. She is the author of Heal Your Relationship with Money, The Happy Finances Challenge, and Unmasking the Strong Black Woman.

Courtney N. Richardson

After being bombarded with calls from friends about finances and financial planning, Courtney N. Richardson became increasingly frustrated with the lack of options for quality financial education. In 2014, Courtney took matters into her own hands and leveraged her years of experience in retirement, consumer banking, high net worth advising, and tax planning to create The Ivy Investor. Courtney’s financial and legal commentary has been featured in AARP, AOL, Forbes, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post,, Black Enterprise, and many other publications. Courtney provides webinars and masterclasses on how to create wealth through investing, how to retain wealth using appropriate tax strategies, and how to transfer wealth efficiently to the next generation (Generational Wealth). Courtney holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) from West Virginia University College of Law and an LL.M. (Taxation) from Temple University Beasley School of Law.

Netiva Heard

Netiva Heard is the personal finance coach people call when the only thing standing between them and their next major life move is their finances. Affectionately known to her clients as the "The Goal Crusher's Credit Coach", she offers honest, no-non-cents advice that helps individuals and couples to create rock-solid financial foundations that they can begin leveraging to create. While servicing hundreds of private clients with 1:1 coaching through her full-service company, The Frugal CrediTnista, she also regularly pours her financial wisdom into online students. Netiva’s work has allowed her to teach over 200,000 people how to achieve 700 FICO scores and above.

With Netiva by their side, women across the country are learning to Master and Soar their Credit Scores!

Ash Cash

is a personal finance expert, speaker, television/radio personality, best-selling author, business consultant, brand ambassador, and life coach to entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, and executives. He helps people maximize their full potential by giving them the inspiration, tools, and resources needed to live their best life. He is also the head of financial education at BankMobile; a digital app that provides a financially empowering banking experience to 2million+ customers. Ash has been featured on popular, national media outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, WSJ, Black Enterprise, Essence Magazine, Ebony, BET, and countless others...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Live Richer Academy different from any other online programs?
Live Richer Academy is an experience! We provide the knowledge, access, and community you need to be successful. This includes access to vetted financial experts and a variety of courses. You have input and control over what you learn. Make a suggestion and we’ll make it happen!
  • When do I take the Courses?
You’re in control! Courses are available 24/7...whenever, wherever!
  • How much time do I need to commit?
Live Richer Academy works when YOU work! The Live Richer Academy coursework can be completed at your own pace...remember you have to put in the work to see the results.
  • How long will I have access?
It’s up to you! Members have access for as long as their payments are current. If you join as an Annual or Bi-Annual member, you can downgrade your membership at anytime so it fits your budget!
  • Do you offer 1:1 coaching sessions?
Yes, most of our experts offer 1:1 sessions for a separate fee.
  • What is the refund policy?
Bi-Annual and Annual members have 30 days to cancel for a partial refund (Full amount - $29.99). Monthly members will not be issued a refund but can cancel at anytime.
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We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express)
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